-When you order, you will receive 100 eggs from the best Silkworms, plus a comprehensive breeder's guide and manual for only $ 58.00 -

Learn about the miracle work of silkworms. Learning about natures process to create silk. The life cycle of the silkworm is fascinating for adults as well as children. Starting from a tiny egg, and hatching into a worm that is less than one centimeter long, silkworms grow rapidly eating mulberry leaves. It is at this stage of the life cycle that the silkworms produce their valuable silk. The silkworm then makes a cocoon to secretly begin the metamorphosis to become a beautiful butterfly. Adult butterflies mate and produce eggs to complete the life cycle. Learn more about this fascinating life cycle by raising your own Silkworms. 

Silk Worms are great for your home studies, because they need little space and very little attention.

For twelve years, Aguseda (Hondarribia-Spain) has been raising the best silkworms from China and has exported them to more than 35 countries. We also have English and Spanish publications of the "Guide and Manual for the Silk". This guide will show you where you can find the best advice to raise the silkworms and production your own silk. This could be the beginning of a great business! 

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