The Surnames Academy came to life in 1987. It was founded by historians,
genealogists and heraldry students whose aim was to spread heraldic

Currently, more than 15 years later, the Surnames Academy has become
one of the most noted companies in Europe and America.

Our succes originates in three performance areas:

1st - An efficient data recopilation from the heraldry books and ancient
treaties. Our archives contain American writings and also Spain,
French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, English and Scotch heraldry

2nd - Such a bibliography enables us to obtain heraldic historials
and coats of arms of more than 15,000 surnames of different origins and
We produce heraldic studies and coats of arms of great quality and design.

3rd - We have authored a number of books on heraldry widely
acclaimed by the expert critics with a special mentions of such books of
ours as "Coats of arms and family names", "International Heraldry Search"
"Els escuts municipals  de Catalunya", "Apellidos de las Baleares (Spain)",
" Irish and English  family names", "Araldica Italiana" and "Heraldica de Navarra, escudos y apellidos".

This year we are going to publish four volumes with the publisher trademark of
"Surnames Academy".

Our prime aspiration is to keep working with the same enthusiasm as on our
outset, thus being able to introduce you to the world of the heraldry,
history and genealogy.
Araldica Italiana
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Blasons de France
Hendaye (Pays Basc)
Ireland Family Names
Family Names in England

European Coats of arms
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